MIChoice is an educational service provider organization, which is focused solely on the special needs of charter school startups in the state of Michigan. When Act 277 of the Michigan legislature expanded the prospect for new charter schools, Choice Schools Associates, which has been working with turnaround charter schools for over 15 years, decided to create a sister company, MIChoice. MIChoice is committed to helping individuals and groups who have a dream school that they want to bring to life to make it become a reality. MIChoice is the SUPERIOR CHOICE for charter school founders in the state of Michigan.

MIChoice and Choice Schools Associates are both family-owned businesses, located right in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their decision to work with founding groups or established charter schools is always based on “fit,” meaning they engage in numerous discussions with each group before committing to a partnership, ensuring that all involved are working toward the same principles and goals. Our team firmly believes there really should be only one reason for creating and supporting another educational choice – that being to provide an improved, first class education for all children within that community.

MIChoice specifically helps founding groups to successfully navigate the often-tricky Montessori charter school start-up process.

We offer those embarking on this journey our proven experience and expertise, and support each founding group from the idea stage to the management of the resulting brand new charter school.

MIChoice is able to customize services to meet the unique needs of each academy, and commits the appropriate resources and staff to serve the mission, goals, and objectives set out in every charter school contract that we manage.

MIChoice welcomes the opportunity to work with charter school founders that are committed to the same principles of equal access to a high quality education and positive academic results for all children in the State of Michigan. Please email us at startaschool@mi-choice.com or call 616.558.2452 to learn more about how you can make MIChoice YOUR choice in making your dream school come to life!