Sister Company

MIChoice and Choice Schools Associates

MIChoice and Choice Schools Associates are both family-owned Educational Service Providers located in Grand Rapids, MI that operate under the same management umbrella. MIChoice’s focus is solely on charter school startups in Michigan, while Choice Schools Associates’ niche has always been the turnaround of existing charter schools in danger of losing their charter contract.

In 1998, Dr. Sidney Faucette established Choice Schools Associates, and they currently oversee the management of nine different charter schools in Michigan. Each of their Academies carries a unique theme and mission, and all are fully compliant with state-mandated curricular standards, offer educational best practices, promote teacher effectiveness, and have stable school operations and positive fund balances.

Both MIChoice and Choice Schools Associates have established themselves as conscientious and competent educational management leaders. Combined they have a strong reputation of exceptional performance with the six different charter school authorizers they work with throughout the state of Michigan.

If you are a Board member searching for an experienced educational service provider that can help turn your charter school around, please visit Choice Schools Associates’ website at