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Why Should You Become a Board Member

Do you have a passion for wanting to help the children and families in your community? You may be surprised how easy it is to make a positive impact on their lives, and in turn enrich your own. We’re always looking for talented and committed volunteer board members to help lead and strengthen our charter school academies. If you can contribute your thoughtfulness and expertise for approximately five hours each month and are interested in this opportunity, we encourage you to seriously consider applying to become a member of one of our charter school academy Boards.

Our Board members come from all walks of life, and include many different members of the community – local business owners, educators, parents, retirees – in fact just about any background or career you can think of is represented on one our Boards. This is because charter school boards and their respective authorizers value diversity, knowing that bringing together a group of volunteers with various backgrounds helps to bring balance to both the decisions and the policies of a Board and, in turn, helps to make great charter schools.

Every child deserves to attend a great school. A school leader, authorizer and management company’s goals can only be achieved when they have great planning, policies and well-thought out financial budgets in place. The success that is found on a daily basis in our charter school academies is a direct reflection of the commitment and the passion of our Boards in advocating for the children of their community.

How to Apply

The privilege of becoming a charter school Board member is open to all who are interested, and who are able to commit a small amount of time each month to fulfill their appointed Board duties. The steps involved to join a charter school Board are designed for busy people just like you and, unlike local school Board elections there is no expensive, long-term campaigning that you are required to participate in. Your appointment is only based on whether or not you meet the authorizer’s requirements for service, and if there is an open position available on the desired academy Board.

If you decide you would like to join a Board, you will need to fill out an application with the school’s authorizer. Once this is reviewed, it will be sent back to the appropriate Board, and you may be called to meet with them for a short interview and discussion. If it is determined that both you and the Board are a good “fit,” a nomination request will be sent to the authorizer and, if the authorizer approves it based on its own criteria for appointment, a letter will be returned to the Board recommending you for service. You will only be sworn in if there is an open position available on the Board, otherwise your nomination may be held until there is a vacancy available.

Members of a charter school Board can expect to volunteer approximately five to seven hours a month in service. Duties include: preparing for and participating in monthly Board meetings, serving on Board committees as requested (most often you will be able to choose one that coincides with your personal interests or expertise), and attending strategic planning sessions, which may be held a few times a year at the discretion of the Board.

As you consider your application, please keep in mind that even though a Board consists of various members with different backgrounds and abilities, all must make an effort to work together and be unified in the commitment to the charter application and its mission, vision and goals. By becoming a sworn charter school Board member you pledge to put aside personal views and agendas, and choose instead to work as a team to honestly and wholeheartedly support the signed charter application as it was written and approved by your authorizer.

At Choice Schools, we believe that our strong boards lead to better schools for all of our students. If you are interested in applying for this important avenue of community service, please fill out the form below. Once it is received, we will contact you to help you get started in the process.

We look forward to working with you as you join with us in supporting the children and families that attend our schools across the state of Michigan!

Personal Experiences

Those who choose to serve on our MIChoice Boards do so because of their strong commitment to the children and families of their community. Below are a just few of our own Board members’ personal experiences. We encourage you to contact us about joining them in Board service, as we continue to work together in building strong schools for the students enrolled at our academies.

“I feel it’s my duty to serve the children of our society. I taught for over 40 years so children have always been my focus. It is so important to find ways to give back to today’s students, because they are the most important part – they are the future. Serving on the Three Oaks Public School Academy school board is just my small way of giving back.”
Lynn Marie Young, Three Oaks Public School Academy School Board President
“I’m fortunate to be both a co-founder and board member of Battle Creek Montessori Academy. The families and students of Battle Creek and the surrounding areas now have a Montessori option as an educational choice. Battle Creek Montessori Academy takes children as they are, focuses on their individual, unique strengths, and then provides them the structure that allows them to grow and embrace a lifelong love of learning. I chose to be a board member to help ensure BCMA remains a true Montessori academy. ”
Michael Coykendall, Battle Creek Montessori Academy School Board President
“I believe parents feel helpless wondering why the public education system is failing their family. Anyone who is not one hundred percent confident their child is getting a superior education should research the Montessori method of education. I want to help the children in our community, and that’s why I am serving on the Board of Battle Creek Montessori Academy.”
Jennifer Beam, Battle Creek Montessori Academy School Board Treasurer
“I homeschooled my children for 10 years, and I place a great deal of value in the education of young people. That is why I decided to serve on the Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change school board where my daughter now attends. I spent a lot of time teaching my own children, and now I am able to work on the opposite end of that spectrum by serving on the MMAEC school board. It is a great feeling to know that I still have a strong voice in the education of my children.”
Kristy Crocker, Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change School Board Member