Introducing The Choice DNA

Choice is pleased to introduce The Choice DNA. The Choice DNA is one element of the Future Leadership Institute (FLI) offered to employees of Choice Schools Associates and MIChoice.

choicedna_colorThe goal of FLI is to offer professional development and opportunities to those interested in becoming leaders from within the company. This Institute consists of three paths to further instruct these candidates: Foundational, Leadership and Instructional.

The Choice DNA is the foundational component that brings to LIFE what Choice is all about. The members of this course are those in leadership positions who are new to the company. During the intense three-day training, the mission, core values and guiding principles of the company are explored and presented to each participant in empowering ways. The main goal of the training is to develop a deeper understanding of the beliefs of the company so that these leaders can bring the vision of the American Dream to all the children we serve.

The first The Choice DNA training took place from July 13 to July 15 in Grand Rapids, MI.  To view the complete agenda for the training, please click here.

Congratulations to the following Choice team members for graduating the course:

  • Ali Dubois, Head of School, Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change
  • Brandon Slone, Principal, Dove Academy
  • Brigitte Jackson, Head of School, Macomb Montessori Academy  
  • Chris Matheson, Area Superintendent, Choice
  • Chris Ruiter, Director of Student Services, Choice
  • Eric Johnson, Principal, Morey Montessori Public School Academy
  • Justin Hauser, Vice Principal, Bradford Academy
  • Lisa Key, Area Superintendent, Choice
  • Mark Brunger, Principal, Three Oaks Public School Academy
  • Michelle Nighbert, Program Coordinator, Second Home Child Development Center
  • Oronde Kearney, Vice Principal, Bradford Academy
  • Terry Larkin, Principal, New Branches Charter Academy
  • Tim Harris, Principal, Benton Harbor Charter School Academy


The Choice DNA training answered so many questions that I didn’t know I even had. I have gained more confidence in stepping into the role at Morey Montessori.

– Eric Johnson, Principal

brigitteIn all of my 25 years in education, I have never seen such a well put together training. I left the meeting thinking, ‘Despite every obstacle I have in front of me, I am so ready to start this school year.’ The professional training experience we had was invigorating, inspiring, motivating and engaging.  Thank you for allowing a small seed to develop into such a powerful product; The Choice DNA was just magnificent.

– Brigitte Jackson, School Leader

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